‘Has there been a statement from Harry, Meghan? George & Amal Clooney?’: Ushna Shah on P@!€sT!N€




Pakistani actress Ushna Shah brings celebrity couples George and Amal Clooney and Harry and Meghan under the radar, questioning whether these ‘humanitarian ladies’ and their husbands have anything to say on P@!€sT!N€.

The actress took to Twitter writing: “Has there been a statement from George & Amal Clooney? Or Harry & Meghan? I’d really like to know what the humanitarian ladies with their fancy husbands have to say.”

Previously, Shah has been very vocal about her thoughts about the ongoing humanitarian crisis and has posted several tweets, posts and videos online making her stance and side clear. ‘So what if I never get to audition for that Hollywood special everyone thinks they have a shot at, so what if I never again get a commercial for a multi national or become the face of the big beauty-brand. When my descendants look back at this years from now, they’ll find me on the right side of history”, she wrote.