Days of the Future past – Hanif Jewelers x Artya

Umair Sajid

Umair Sajid

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Hanif jewelers curated a new collection of watches in collaboration with Yvan Arpa, the creative head of Artya , last week.

Yvan, who was born and bred in Switzerland started of his career as a math professor and shifted paths seamlessly , until he entered the prestigious and meticulous profession of watchmaking.

Yvan’s idea of watchmaking is exceptionally authentic. “Manufacturer of true emotions” is how he see’s himself and his company. In an interview with the mastermind behind Artya , he stated , that nobody needs a watch anymore to tell time. The customer wants more than just that , the customer wants emotions and a narrative.

Over the years Yvan and his wife , who also happens to be his work partner have created intimate – emotionally driven, sustainable time telling machines, using highly unconventional material.

The material ranges from actual Moon Dust, Steel sourced from the sunken Titanic, bullets, Butterfly wings, Tobacco leaves, fossilized dinosaur droppings, real spiders and boxes struck by lightning.

“Emotion is the Future! “

Yvan , started off by creating customized pieces targeted only for Bushido black belt owners. According to him , his idea of watchmaking was never polluted by the idea of money making. His idea of Watchmaking is almost as authentic as creating custom pieces worthy of being Heirlooms – Transcending boundaries of time , ironically !

Check out some of he masterpieces by Yvan below and head out to Niche Lifestyle’s IGTV to watch the entire interview.