Hamza Ali Abbasi is writing a book & fans are ecstatic!



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Hamza Ali Abbasi took to social media to announce the news of him writing a book. The social media announcement quickly garnered attention. In the announcement the actor stated that he’s currently in the process of writing a book about ‘God’ and that it is expected to reach completion by next year in June 2021.

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Here’s what he posted:

“In the process of writing a book….obviously it,ll be about God 🙂 …hoping to be done by June 2021 Insha Allah. Will be a little inactive on social media bcz of that”, the actor wrote.

The fans expressed great happiness and appreciated the Hamza Ali Abbasi for his efforts. Here’s what the had to say:

We sure are are excited and curious at the same time about Hamza’s upcoming book. His social media presence brings many great enlightenment in relevance to religion. Hamza Ali Abbasi has left no stone unturned in making effort to spread and share his religious insights to fans and followers.

We wish Hamza Ali Abbasi the very best for his upcoming book and hope to get our hands on it soon!

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