Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal Khawar’s Baby Announcement Breaks Twitter!

Rafai Zaman

Rafai Zaman

Pakistani actor/political analyst Hamza Ali Abbasi and his wife Naimal Khawar who was also an actress were blessed with a baby boy on Monday. The Pyare Afzal actor broke the news on Twitter while also revealing that they’ve named their baby boy Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi.

“Allah has blessed me and Naimal with a baby boy, Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi. I pray that he becomes a grateful servant of Allah, a good, humble & honest human being and may Allah bless him in this life and the next. Please pray for us,” he said.

As soon as the news broke, the Twitter family started tweeting left right and centre. Therefore without further ado, here are some of the tweets that show how twitter reacted to the news:


Some people were just shocked about the fact that time flies so fast. And we agree, 2020 has turned out to be a 100 metre sprint.






This tweet is out of this world! Hilarious.

This news inspired some people to get married.

Are Hamza and Naimal the new Royal family in town?


Indeed, this child will definitely have some of the best genes in the world.


Good looks, Good looks and Good looks.

What a cutie pie.


For some people, they finally got good news in 2020.


Someone lashed out at the people criticising Hamza for having his child in the US.

Take a chill pill guys, a year has passed.



We wish the couple and their baby, happiness and health.