Hajra Khan speaks out against FIFA suspension on Pakistan Football Federation

“Football as a sport has been ridiculed over time in Pakistan” tweeted Hajra Khan

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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FIFA announced today that the Pakistan Football Federation was banned from international events because of “undue third party interference” as they revealed in their statement:

“This situation was prompted by the recent hostile takeover of the PFF headquarters in Lahore by a group of protestors and an alleged decision by certain individuals to remove the FIFA-appointed normalisation committee of the PFF led by Haroon Malik and to hand over the leadership of the PFF to Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah.”

Hajra Khan who is the captain of the women’s football team had expressed her disappointment over the decision on social media and appealed to the public and authorities to revoke this decision. In a video she posted on Twitter, she reminded people that women have been pouring their blood and sweat into the sport and have won championships in the past on international platforms:

“I speak on the behalf of myself and all those football players whose bread came from the sport. It came from representing Pakistan. We have worked hard blood and sweat to represent this country  and have taken it to the podium. We have won championships in the past. Where do we go next? What is next for us? what sport do we switch to?”

Hajra ended her message by appealing to public authorities like the President Dr Arif Alvi and the PM Imran Khan to take notice of the matter and help in preventing people from ever taking an interest in football again:

“Today I would like to request the President of our country Dr Arif Alvi and the Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the matter. There is still hope, and we do expect a response from you. And we do expect the country to back us  when we need them the most right now. It is a request, its a need from all football lovers. It all relies on you.”