GO super or go home! Digital Pakistan has spoken!



Jazz is one of the largest and the most trusted networks of Pakistan, currently serving one out of every three Pakistanis making for a total of 60 million+ loyal customers from thousands of cities all across Pakistan as a result of consistent unshakable reliability ( as per the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), effective all-over distribution, largest mobile wallet base and a well-rated customer experience.

Years later, Jazz continues to operate as Pakistan’s leading digital company and continues establish a bond with its users by being at their service in all potential ways possible – taking essential measures to meet networking needs every day.

In an era where the world of internet has become a necessity, with everything on a minute’s disposal on finger tips – Jazz ensures to satisfy its customers by providing the fastest DATA services in Pakistan as per the standards of OOKLA, the global leader in internet testing and analysis and also by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for two consecutive years successfully resulting in 27.3 Million Data customers and 15.5 Million 4G customers all over Pakistan!

In the recent analytical research based on the telecommunication companies operating in Pakistan: it came into light that Zong took 4 years to reach 15.1 Million 4G customers and Telenor overall has a 8.8 million customer-base, whereas it took Jazz only 2.5 years to reach 15.5 Million customers! Thus leading the network board of Pakistan as a result of the fastest growth!

In essence of all these facts and figures, Jazz has the largest 4G customer base which unquestionably shows the immense love for the brand because of the network’s undoubted and consistent excellency for the past 25 years, making Jazz the only go-to network for any and every Pakistani who wants to have a seamless connection with the world.

So, switch to the biggest and the fastest network Jazz now and Dunya Ko Bataa Do!