Glitch in the matrix? Pakistani users in fits after spotting Umera Ahmed’s 2004 novel in Netflix series ‘Heeramandi’




Le sigh.

It looks like we’ve got another case of Indian directors botching up Pakistani history and culture so bad that it is literally making our heads shake. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s new Netflix series ‘Heeramandi’ is already gathering heat for the poor pronunciation of Urdu words and especially for distorting historical sites and facts, but recently another hilarious blooper has caught the light.

It was the Pakistani novelist and screenwriter Umera Ahmed who shared a hilarious clip from the series on her social media account, where in a scene at a bookshop, she spotted her novel ‘Pir-e-Kamil’ making a clear appearance behind the actors.

When actually, Pir-e-Kamil was written in 2004. And Heeramandi is based in the 199’s pre-Independence era.

“So #PireKamil was written before partition or is Time Travel real? 🙂🙂🙂 Interesting,” quipped the ‘Maat’ writer.



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Social media users were in fits over how the show refused to fact-check even the smallest details to ensure they were accurately reflecting the times the show was based in.