‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’ sheds light on workplace harassment

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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‘Ghisi Piti Mohabbat’ is a dark humor drama, currently being aired on Ary Digital with Ramsha Khan, Wahaj Ali, Shahood Alvi, Ali Abbas and Daniyal Afzal khan in lead roles. The drama also has other big actors like Samina Ahmed, Saba Faisal, Saifee Hassan, Saba Hammed, Sajeer ud din and Arjumand Rahim who have been gracing it with their brilliant performances.

The drama started off on a light note and is not a typical saas-bahu drama. It revolves around a girl Sammiya (Ramsha Khan) who is very bold, has a good knowledge about her rights and knows how to take a stand for herself. 

The drama has been teaching us alot of things throughout and the best part is that even the worst realities and traumas faced by Sammiya have not been shown in a negative way. No extra drama or sad scenes have been shown and the scenes have been kept very much to the point. Fans love the fact that this drama has not been lingered on in any way.

As the drama unfolded we have seen how Sammiya struggles settling in her married life which somehow fails every time. As of know she has been married thrice and every time her character taught the audience a lesson.

The drama also sheds light on the workplace harassment that women have to go through. As Sammiya looks out for jobs mostly every one out there at the workplace tries to harass her but what we have learnt is that girls should never stay quiet to such acts.  Sammiya’s character is teaching all the women out there how to take a stand for themselves  and shows how to immediately leave any such workplace that makes them feel unsafe.

We hope that is drama can also bring awareness for all such men out there who try to take advantage of women who come out of their homes to work and try to offer a secure environment to their female colleagues rather than making it an uncomfortable one.