From re-thinking date nights to switching to donkey carts, Pakistani twitter users are scrambling for new ways to travel after the petrol price hike

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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The government just announced yesterday that the price of petrol will increase by Rs 30 starting tomorrow onwards, as it was announced by the finance minister Minister Miftah Ismail on Twitter as according to budget cuts introduced by the IMF.

“Government has decided to increase the prices of Petrol, High Speed Diesel, Kerosene Oil and Light Diesel Oil by Rs 30 per litre from Friday May 27, 2022. New prices will go into effect at midnight. The new price of petrol will be Rs 179.86 & diesel will be Rs 174.15 per litre.”

Now that the price hike has been established, Pakistani users on Twitter had to get their creative juices flowing to come up with new ways to travel. And this just doesn’t mean your quick ride to McDonalds is over, this means re-thinking EVERYTHING and Pakistanis came up with some hilarious reactions to it

For some users who moaned about date nights being expensive, turns out there is a fast solution to this

While others were thinking of swiping their independent woman card for a husband who could maybe be a solution for this petrol price hike?

While others thought this means we go back to the ye olde days of using donkey carts and walking

We can honestly say that Pakistani twitter knows how to milk humor out of a bad situation because the rest of the jokes are *chef’s kiss*