Frieha Altaf to play a sadistic, dark character in her debut webseries ‘Dai’



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Event manager and fashion choreographer Frieha Altaf is all set to play the sadistic, evil protagonist in #Urduflix upcoming web series titled ‘Dai’.

Frieha will be playing ‘Dai’ which is the lead role on which the play is based. She explained that Dai is a dark character who has many different faces to her. On one hand, she has a romantic side, which comes out in her involvement with a younger man, who is an S.H.O, and in that role she becomes very soft. Another very dark said of her is that she performs illegal abortions in a very harmful way , and enjoys that process , in which she is almost like a serial killer. And in her third side, she has a lot of employees who she abuses and mistreats.

Frieha Altaf is excited to be playing an 'evil' character in web-series Dai - Film & TV - Images

She said prior to this she had played a mother in two films, and in the other two she has done cameo roles as herself. She said I didn’t want to do the same thing anymore and wanted something different this time, like comedy or play the role of a ‘jhalli'(clumsy person), or a village woman even. Since such roles would be a challenge for me to play, instead of just playing a fashion diva, which is already me, or playing anything else closer to my real life persona.

Talking about why she said yes to the webseries, the fashionista said she loved the work of Mohammad Ahmed. Moreover, she added, “I’ve been doing my business for so long, it’s boring. It’s nice to have a change”.


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In an excited tone, Frieha added that while getting ready to perform abortions, the way her character Dai gets ready, does her makeup wearing deep red lipstick, is extremely interesting. She said the interesting and different character really made her wanting to do it, and she enjoyed playing the role.