Footballer Sahiba Sardil receives heroic welcome from Maripur after winning international match




Footballer Sahiba Sardil received a heroic welcome in Maripur town of Kemari district in Karachi on Sunday, upon her return home after the Pakistan team secured second position in the four nation football event held in Saudi Arabia.

Emotional scenes were witnessed in Maripur, as Sahiba’s neighborhood showered her with flowers, as she entered her street wearing the green blazer with the Pakistani flag on it. The Maripur area of Karachi, Layari, where Sahiba hails from is known as the hub of football in Karachi.


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Sahiba’s mother, family, friends, relatives and everyone else had gathered to welcome her together and congratulated her. She was also warmly embraced by her father and mother.

Meanwhile, those who were gathered chanted slogans for her and Pakistan. Some held aloft the Pakistani flag. Everyone encouraged the footballer and wished her success for future events.