Islam helped me in my 10-year long battle with depression: Yashma Gill on journey from atheism to Islam




Actress Yashma Gill recently opened about her journey from atheism to Islam, in a candid interview where she spoke about her career trajectory and converting to Islam. Talking about how following Islamic teachings helped her with her  10-year long battle with depression: Yashma sh”Don’t inherit your religion, learn it”, shared the actress.

The actress shared how even as an atheist she would often think about spiritual matters and would research on different questions to see how religious scholars from different faiths had answered the question. She also talked about her muslim friend who she would often discuss those matters with, and who had advised her to practically follow Islamic teachings if she wanted to really understand the religion, instead of just thinking of the teachings in a critical manner.

Yashma explained how initially she had started praying five times a day just to prove to her Muslim friend how practicing the teachings were unlikely to cause any change in the way she felt about religious matters. She decided to offer five daily prayers and fast throughout the month of Ramzan, Yashma said. And by the end of the month she said her different lifestyle had managed to bring her anxiety levels, and depression down. She noticed that after she left following the same teachings her overthinking and negative thought patterns also started returning and all that had previously been going right now started to go wrong once again. Which is when she took it as a sign from Allah that Islam is what had been missing in her life- and decided to become a practicing Muslim.