Floods or Ignorance-What is the real catastrophy?

The answer lies within

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
Rise and fall, 2014, Imran Qureshi
Courtesy: theguardian.com

Only two weeks ago we saw our streets lit with lights and thick grey clouds in the air due to excessive traffic as Pakistan celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Weeks later, the sky is still grey and hearts are bruised blue! The floods flood our socials-Breaking news-Pakistan has lost nearly a thousand people including children and elderly due to the floods-Breaking News-millions have been displaced and livelihoods of generations have been lost!

A video of a father swimming through a flood to save his two sons who got displaced while fleeing from the floods surfaces.

What do we do? We scroll down!

Another article comes across our screens narrating an event of a father finding his son and grandkids hanging from a tree, dead after the floods destroyed their house.

What do we do? We scroll down!!

A picture of five friends surfaces on the internet who died after 5 hours of repeatedly crying for help.

What do we do? We scroll down!!!

What could be worse than the floods? Us scrolling down and overlooking the plight of the people who’s enthusiasm and fervor we just celebrated on 14th August.

There are many people who have been donating generously for the cause. However that really is a drop in the ocean at the moment.

When people are dying, many things can wait including politics, including your tickets to the game, including your lavish dinner plans, including your Netflix subscriptions.

Pakistan needs YOU! Donate as much as you can and if you feel helpless after doing that, pray. Pray to the Almighty, recite Ayate-e-Karima. Pray again.

Don’t overlook, don’t deny, don’t scroll past the people who need you. Be that source of help that could possibly change their lives.

Below we have linked multiple organizations working endlessly to help people affected in KPK, Balochistan, Sindh and Southern Punjab.

Akhuwat’s Emergency Cash Relief Fund

AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Edhi Foundation Flood Relief

Also, for a flood that was visible in mid-June, our concern in end-August shows a lot about the state of our land, the priorities of the authorities and lack of general awareness and most of all our denial of the catastrophic consequences of ignoring Climate Change.

What is harder? Dying because of thirst, dying because of drowning or…dying because of ignorance?