Feroze Khan’s lawyer offers out of court settlement to ex-wife Aliza Sultan




With actor Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan’s divorce taking unexpected turns, the actor’s lawyer has now offered out of court settlement to his ex-wife.

Talking to media after a court hearing, Feroz Khan’s lawyer Faique ali Jagirani said “For the welfare of the children, there must be a compromise that can be reached. Any matter can be resolved through table talks.” He further claimed that “respect and support” for both Feroze and Aliza, and caretaking of the kids will be given priority in any settlement.

Meanwhile, AlizaSultan‘s lawyer claimed that Feroze Khan, so far has failed to fulfil the needs of his kids, and has still not payed their school fees.

Earlier, the Aye Musht-E-Khaak actor had angrily denied claims of having inflicted domestic violence when Alizey Sultan announced her divorce from him on social media.