‘Feminism is much more than placards like ‘khaana khud garam karo'”: Rabya Kulsoom

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actress Rabya Kulsoom was a guest at the FHM podcast where she opened up about how feminist movements in Pakistan like Aurat March do not speak up on the necessary issues Pakistani women are facing, and by doing so have lost the purpose behind the ideology which was to ensure equality between men and women.

“The people who need feminism now more than ever are not catered to at all,” explained the actress. “Because if some guy will see a placard which has ‘Find your socks yourself’ written on it, how would he understand what feminism is really about? And this was the wrong way to convey a message, he would slap his wife thrice after seeing such a placard.”

“Move away from slogans like ‘Pick up your own sock’ or ‘Heat up your own food’ because feminism is so much more bigger and complex than all of this. You have completely changed the purpose of the movement.”

Addressing the Aurat March movement, the actress who starred in ‘Mujhay Pyar Hua Tha’ said it had completely lost its direction because it is promoting hatred towards men rather than encouraging equality among all genders.

“Aurat March doesn’t mean you should hate men. Aurat March is about promoting the rights of all women. Rights such as your daughter has the right to get an education, work and gain financial independence. But now Aurat March and our feminism is all about hating men . Don’t take care of your husband, don’t help him in searching for his clothes, and don’t serve him food. Is this feminism?”

Rabya elaborated that instead of this, Aurat March should focus on spreading awareness about matters like domestic violence, or encouraging women to read their nikkahnama and other ways women can become equal to men “This is feminism. I’m game for Aurat March but where are you going? Some of the placards that I’ve read online I’ve said to myself that I can’t become a part of this.”