Female medicine students shares some sexist comments they’ve faced in colleges

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Trigger warning: discussions of harassment

It’s a sad reality that women still today have to make it through unnecessary hurdles and work twice as hard as men to get the same accomplishments that men do. Women on Twitter shed light on this issue by discussing the prevalent problem of harassment female students face in university, whether at the hands of their peers or their professors for which they have to face harsh consequences.

Twitter user Sohni who is also a medicine student, was the first person to start the conversation when she shared a fellow student’s experience of being harassed by her professor about not wearing a dupatta during her viva, when the focus should have been on whether she was smart enough or not to become a doctor.

This isn’t an irregular occurrence, and soon more medicine students began sharing horrifying experiences ranging from being harassed during classes for wearing makeup, or even being threatened by professors that their finals won’t be graded because of their clothes


It’s shocking that colleges and universities have no policy to counter the harassment and unnecessary bullying women students are forced to endure just to get their degrees. How a woman chooses to dress up is never an invitation to harass or demean her, and the onus should never be placed on young girls that they must hide themselves in order to prevent being harassed by men.