Farheen Ishtiaq talks about Bakhtawar’s portrayal of her life story




Drama series Bakhtawar which tells the real-life story of a brave young woman who lived her life disguised as a man to earn a living for her family. The drama is based on the real life story of Farheen Ishtiaq who recently took to social media to talk about the portrayal of her life story in the drama.

Farheen Ishtiaq posted a video, in which she talks about her take on the way her life story is told in the drama, Yumna Zaidi’s acting and how she feels about the drama.


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Farheen already had a baby girl when her husband left her after two years of marriage. When she took to earning a living for herself and her daughter Naqvi felt harassed to the point that she decided to change her identity and become a male.

Over the years, she worked hard to earn money- from working at a retail store to opening her own business in Anarkali Bazar Lahore, to working as an Uber driver as a means to earn for food for her daughter.

Farheen’s story is one of strength and hardship, featuring a woman who faces great obstacles to support her ownself. It addresses many pressing issues of our society.