Farhan Saeed thanks fans for praising his character Hamza from the drama “Mere Humsafar”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


The drama “Mere Humsafar” has finally ended, and the main actor Farhan Saeed penned a thank you note to his fans for the support and praise they had lent to his character Hamza, which made the drama a popular hit.

Like a good colleague, he also didn’t leave out the rest of the cast and crew and their dedication which made “Mere Humsafar” an incredibly popular show on ARY. He praised his co-star Hania Amir’s talent and dedication to the role, as well as the director of the series Qasim Ali Mureed for his guidance and for being approachable. He posted this note on Instagram, which you can read below:

“A Thank You Note!

Hamza Raees Ahmed – A character when I did I never thought would get so much praise from around the globe, just did what felt was right .
To be honest the purpose of this post is to thank all of you , who made it so special by liking it, viewing it in millions on YouTube, making it trend before/after every episode and in various countries. This was as ordinary as it gets till you guys made it special ❤️ . All the love , success it has is because of the love you guys gave it.

I’d like to thank @haniaheheofficial for being an amazing Co star whose energy at set is contagious and in an amazing way , she surprised me along with millions the way she portrayed Hala , mind blowing!

@qasimalimureed the captain! Who can touch anything and make it gold , my friend , my fav director and my partner in crime , thank you for being the best at what you do. You inspire me to be passionate about what we do , I am just glad that we saw each other’s potential when no one did.

In the end thank you to the entire team of #merehumsafar who made it such a success.

Your love inspires me to do so much for you guys in future and with you guys behind me I have no doubt we together will achieve greater things.




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