Farhan Saeed reacts to netizens calling for ban on Feroze Khan starrer Tich Button




Farhan Saeed recently responded to a follower asking netizens not to watch his latest film, Tich Button, taking to Twitter to share his two cents about boycotting the film because of Feroze Khan’s presence in it.

Addressing Saeed, a Twitter user wrote “I would like to request you all people. Do not watch this movie Tich Button because it features a ‘wife beater’.” She also tagged Feroze Khan in the tweet

Responding to this request for boycotting the film which also features Iman Ali,  Sonya Hussyn and Feroze Khan in addition to Saeed himself, did not settle well with the singer-turned actor. Saeed tweeted in response saying “Well Ayesha, I respect your opinion but before you just put a cross on the hard work of almost 300 people for almost three years, you should know this movie was shot in 2019.” Saeed further shared, “You don’t just cancel the hard work of so many people.”