Farhan Saeed hits back at troll highlighting Pakistani artists’ contribution to charity fundraisers




Singer and actor Farhan Saeed recently hit back at a troll for implying that Pakistani celebrities do not contribute enough to charity for social causes. “For all the ShaukatK hospitals, artists have raised most of the funds with IK”, wrote an irked Saeed.

A local Twitter user had posted a picture of Turkish celebrities raising funds for earthquake victims, while criticizing Pakistani celebrities in the caption- who according to him had “jetted off for award function during floods.” He had also quoted an earlier statement of Saeed underneath ,sarcastically remarking “The nations that don’t stand up for themselves deserve this and worse.”

Farhan Saeed took no time to respond to the false remarks, deflating all rumors and misconceptions with an apt comeback. “First, revenue generation was for flood victims. Second, all these telethons that happen in Pak, artists raise funds. For all the ShaukatK hospitals, artists have raised most of the funds with IK , but with inferiority complex like yours , you’ll always like others better. So carry on”, replied Saeed.

With this the Udaari actor not only cleared the air about the reason behind Pakistani celebrities going all the way for the award function just to raise funds to flood relief victims, but also highlighted the immense contribution that Pakistani artists have made over the years to fundraising for charity!👊🏽