‘Fake’: Kanwal Ahmed slams X user for spreading fake news about Soul Sisters Facebook group

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Soul Sisters founder Kanwal Ahmed shut down a male X user who was spreading misinformation about the women only group with a fake post. The user had shared a clipping of a post he claimed was from the Facebook group, where a woman claimed she had a crush on a man she saw at her gym, despite being married to another man.

“Firstly this is a fake Soul Sisters Pakistan group,” responded the feminist activist. “Anyone with a brain can see the fake IDs commenting & realize that. Secondly, the fact that this man felt comfortable in calling an entire community ‘whores’ based off 1 fake SS speaks more of his own values than anyone else’s.”


In the comments, the entrepreneur criticised men for trying to shut down Soul Sisters over a fake screenshot, while currently there were massive issues around the world that deserved better attention.