Fairness cream advert hits a new low by urging men to convince their partners to use them

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Cosmetics brand Golden Pearl has drawn outrage over a sexist commercial that aired during the PSL match, which encouraged men to pick partners who only used fairness creams.

Soul Sisters Founder Kanwal Ahmed shared the clip of the advertisement” on her Twitter account where she slammed it for encouraging men to demean their partners on the basis of their skin tone.

“In a society where many men need a reason to demean their partners – some thought it would be a great idea to make this ad. Sick that even in 2024 fairness creams are being sold in Pakistan AND endorsing the idea of comparing women on the basis of their complexion. ”


Soon Twitter users slammed the commercial for glorifying age old colonial beauty standards



Transgender activist Mehrub Moiz Awan pointed out that this particular fairness skin cream brands were particularly responsible for damaging skin and causing acne breakouts or excessive hair growth.