Fahad Mustafa is trending on Twitter and the reason might surprise you.

The BTS Army have spoken!




Fahad Mustafa is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad and one of his interviews seems to be getting a lot of views. Why is that so? The reason is none other than global sensation KPOP band BTS! Yes you heard that right.
Fahad was seen showing his dislike (in a humorous way) for the band as his daughter has become a big fan of the group. He also added that she is able to speak Korean now.
This news didn’t sit well with the Pakistani BTS army who seem to be trolling the actor for his light hearted remarks.


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Twitter has the most diverse, funniest and some rather shocking responses to Fahad’s statement. Pakistani BTS Army seem to have taken the very light statement a little too seriously. Scroll down to see some reactions.

BTS fans are already a little disheartened after the news of the band taking a break from joint activities to follow on their solo careers was announced. These remarks by Fahad didn’t help the situation.
We think the entire episode was actually very funny and Fahad certainly didn’t deserve to be trolled.