Faaz Ibrahim is the most wholesome husband on Chupke Chupke & we have the receipts to prove it!

All of the memes right here!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Faaz Ibrahim wasn’t immediately everyone’s choice of the perfect husband for Meenu because since his first appearance, he was nothing but a cold and selfish man who was completely the opposite of everything Meenu was. “Ustaad ji” was studious while Meenu was carefree, “kharoos” was strict and imposed rules, while she openly flouted rules and preferred a life without restrictions.


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Their marriage came as a shocking twist to the audience because no one expected these two out of the entire series to sit in a room together without arguing- let alone get married! But Faazi proved that underneath his hard exterior, he had a soft heart and loved Meenu for her quirkiness and fun loving attitude. And we have reasons to prove why he has grown in our hearts as the most wholesome husband in Chupke Chupke:

  1. When Meenu messed up the kheer she was suppose to make for the family for the first time, so he quickly came to the rescue to help save her from humiliation:


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2. When he was worried out of his mind when Meenu injured her foot and wouldn’t go until he saw that she was safe


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3. When just like Meenu, we were swooning over the way he gently took care of her injured foot


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4. We couldn’t handle the adorable way he was head over heels in love with Meenu, especially while she was having a tantrum

5. Seriously, all the times he was  flirting with Meenu were our favourite:

6. His desire to ensure that Meenu is loved and cared for by other members of the family really has proven to us, he’s a wholesome and loving husband.