Every parent should take a lesson from Noor Mukadam and Dua Zahra’s fathers on how to defend their daughters

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Its no easy feat to survive as a woman in Pakistan, because it involves having to consistently justify your existence to family members, extended relatives, and to a greater extent even to strangers. Which is why its often so moving to watch men who refuse to turn the women of their family into villains, and defend their honor to others who consistently gaslight and demean them.

Last year, with the brutal death of Noor Mukadam, we witnessed public platforms completely indulge in blaming women for their own murders, and further push them in to staying hidden in their homes and cover themselves. But it was Noor’s father who kept showing up at court to hold the murderer accountable, and keep reminding the public that it is never the right thing to blame the victim. Despite the fact that both Noor and Dua Zehra did commit an act that made them despicable in the eyes of the public and what a “good daughter” is defined as. Noor had been in a relationship with her abuser in her past, and Dua had chosen to run away from her family to marry Zaheer. But despite the public pressure that these women deserved to be abandoned, their fathers never abandoned seeking justice for them.

One Twitter user pointed out that men like Mehdi Ali Kazmi, Dua Zehra’s father and Noor Mukadam’s father, Shaukat Mukadam, who should be held as an example for men in Pakistan. Both men stood firmly in front of the public to continue defending their daughters despite the public calling them “immoral” and “awaragard”.

“I’m so glad we have father figures like noor mukadam and dua zehras fathers as public examples now. fathers who stood by their daughters even when all the world has done is shame them. fathers who fought for their rights and didn’t give up on their daughters.”

Other people also thanked Mehdi Kazmi for refusing to give up on his daughter, and shedding light on the issue of sex trafficking and child grooming that could also help parents understand and defend their daughters as well.