Dur-e-Fishan & Nabeel Zuberi pair up for ‘Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah’

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Dur-e-FishanDur-e-Fishan and Nabeel Zuberi pair up for upcoming drama serial, Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah. The project is directed by Waheb Jafri and written by  Khalil Ur Rehman. It will be soon airing on Hum Tv and fans are eagerly waiting as the talented duo will be sharing the screen for the first time.

The trailer shows Dur-e-Fishan as someone who is very ambitious and has big goals to achieve in life. There is not much that is revealed in the trailer but we can assume that Dur-e-Fishan and Nabeel Zuberi will be playing each other’s love interests who might get separated when Dur-e-Fishan shifts to another city for work.

Teasers show great chemistry between the two and we are sure they will keep the audience glued with their versatile acting skills. The rest of the cast includes Hasan Khan, Sabeena Syed, Shabbir Jan, Farida Shabbir, Salma Hasan, Saima Qureshi, Aimen Shehzadi, Kashif Mehmood, Sohail Sameer, Salma Qadir, and Khalid Shaheen.

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