Dubai, it’s always a pleasure!

Hop on this glamorous and adventurous ride with me through Dubai.




For me Dubai is where every day feels like you’re living in a movie. In almost two and a half hour flight from Pakistan you get a chance to step into a world of glamor and luxury. It’s a city of contrasts, blending modern extravagance with rich cultural traditions.

Let’s buckle up for my Dubai adventure – it’s like Vogue met the Arabian Nights, and they threw a fabulous party.

First stop: skyline showdown. Burj Khalifa isn’t just tall; it’s like the supermodel of buildings, making every other skyscraper look like an extra.

Then, the souks. Imagine strolling through these ancient-style markets, bargaining for treasures that scream “I’ve got stories.” It’s like playing dress-up, but instead of clothes, you’re adorning yourself with tales of tradition.

Now, let’s talk food runway. Dubai takes dining to a whole new level. From food truck feasts to Michelin-starred glitz, every meal is a catwalk of flavors. Shawarmas are basically the rockstars here, and spices? They’re the glam squad making everything pop. This time particularly I visited a fine dine restaurant called Carnival by Tresind. This avant-garde restaurant will take you on a culinary journey where each dish is a piece of art. The concept blends modernist techniques with Indian flavors, creating a playful and theatrical dining experience. From deconstructed chaats to delicious duck peanut curries, and a must try Mango Ambi drink the Carnival by Tresind invites diners to engage with food in a new and exciting way.

In the day, imagine strolling through the vibrant spice markets, where you can smell the heady aroma of cardamom, saffron and cinnamon. And in the night, stepping into a shimmering wonderland of towering skyscrapers and the sizzle of the street food and fine dine experiences.

But the real showstopper? The desert. A posh desert safari is like camping for the stylish. Sunset in the dunes becomes a photoshoot, and suddenly you’re Vogue cover material against the golden sand.

This time we had the opportunity to visit the glamorous Sonara camp. It is like a glam oasis in the desert, where luxury meets the untamed beauty of the dunes. Nestled amidst the golden sands, this camp is more than just a place to stay; it’s a full-on desert fantasy.

It’s an experience not to be missed, especially the nighttime views with the belly dancing and spectacular light show. It’s well organised with beautiful arrangements and many activities which are kid friendly too. As the sun was setting we had a camel ride with beautiful live music in the background. There’s are many spots for photography and anyone who is interested in taking photos!

Last but not the least, the Aya Universe experience in Dubai is like stepping into a realm where luxury, technology, and avant-garde design converge to create an unparalleled journey.

Picture this: you arrive, and there’s no traditional check-in desk. Instead, a seamless blend of technology and hospitality welcomes you. Facial recognition, virtual concierge – it’s like being in a sci-fi movie, but you’re the protagonist.

Every room has its own vibe and a different story to tell, it’s like a sensation of floating in space, coupled with holistic treatments that rejuvenate both body and mind. It’s wellness redefined in a setting that feels like a sanctuary from the future.

So, hop on this glam & adventurous ride with me through Dubai, where every corner awaits and exciting adventure with friends & family alike. The tradition meets trendiness in the chicest way possible. It’s not just a trip; it’s a vibe, it’s a love affair with a city that knows how to fill you up with cherished memories for a lifetime.

Dubai, it’s always a pleasure.