Dua is being pressurized by gang to give scripted statements: Dua Zehra’s father




Recently Mehdi Kazmi, Dua Zehra’s father posted a video in response to the latest interview of Dua Zehra and husband Zaheer Ahmed, claiming that his daughter was being pressurized by gang to give scripted statements.

In the video statement, Dua Zehra’s father Kazmi said “The girl is in their custody, and they can make her say whatever they want”. He also claimed that notice from the Supreme Court will now be served to the interviewer for airing that interview with his daughter saying “The interviewer claimed that she was in contact with these people (daughter and husband) from the first day, but after she receives the notice, all of them will again disappear.”

Kazmi’s statement came after Dua appeared on media for the very first time in an exclusive interview with a Youtuber, sharing her reasons for running away from home to get married to Zaheer. She claimed her main cause from leaving home was her parents’ attitude. Her mother started beating her over petty issues after her parents found out about Zaheer.

The teen denied the claim that she was kidnapped, asserting that no one drugged her or forced her to make any statement, saying she got married out of her own free will. “I travelled to Lahore from Karachi alone,” Dua said, mentioning that she wanted to marry Zaheer, and therefore, Allah helped and protected her.

Dua also claimed that her father had wanted to marry her off to her cousin Zain-ul-Abideen, for a family ‘plot’ in DHA he had a dispute over with his brother.