Dr Mehrub Moiz Awaan reveals that her attackers have still not been arrested by the authorities

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Trigger warning: discussion of rape, violence towards trans communities

Trans activist and policy researcher Dr. Mehrub Moiz Awan made national headlines back in September when he exposed the Beela’s, group of men who attack and gang rape khwajasira’s and plan to kidnap them from events where they are present. Dr. Mehrub had made a public call for the government to extend solidarity towards trans communities by holding the attackers accountable and implementing policies that ensure that trans people are treated like equal citizens of the country.

Yesterday, Dr. Mehrub revealed that after multiple visits to the Sindh Police, they have still refused to take action to arrest her attackers, and are consistently using excuses to keep delay the arrest.

Dr. Mehrub further exposed how the police authorities use tactics like this to prevent helping transwomen when they are attacked or harassed, and also involved with groups like the Beelas by acting as their informants, or they simply do not care about the protection and well-being of trans-communities

Dr Mehrub had also shared the case of another trans woman Sohana who had been attacked by Beelas, and had to get her leg amputated after she wasn’t taken to the hospital on time. She revealed that this case was another point of proof that the police are completely complicit in the violence towards trans communities, and are the ones who refuse to take the rise of trans violence seriously.