‘Don’t like remake culture’: Sheema Kermani’s take on Indian remake of ‘Pasoori’



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Iconic Pakistani dancer Sheema Kermani talks remake culture and her perspective on the Indian version of the recent Ali Sethi x ShaeGill hit Pasoori, in a recent conversation with AajTak. ‘I don’t like remake culture too much’, shared the dance maestro.

Following the controversial reactions to Arijit Singh’s rendition of Pasoori after the song was recreated for Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani starrer ‘SatyaPrem Ki Katha’, Kermani was asked about her view on remake songs and the idea of many Pakistani iconic songs being remade in India.

Kermani who has featured in the original song, disregarded the need for remakes of any song – whether it is a classic or a global hit saying, “I haven’t even seen it, so I can’t comment. My feeling about remake songs has always been mixed. The toppers that are popular are remade. First of all, my reaction is that no brother, the original, is the best. The composition is so beautiful, so what is the need to remake it? I don’t like remake culture too much. Although seen in a way, the advantage is that young people are also listening to the old iconic songs. It’s a good thing. Personally, I am against it.”

The celebrated Pakistani dancer also reflected on her experience as part of the making of the original Pasoori. Kermani reminisced, “Shooting for the song was a lot of fun. The preparation of those youths was amazing, and the work was completed with a lot of dedication. The shooting of the song was done in a studio located on a set. The set was grand as well as very beautiful.”