DON’T LET UNPROFESSIONALS TOUCH YOUR SKIN”. Instead always opt for a certified Dermatologist.



Dr. Nazia Shakeel is a board certified dermatologist who runs her own state-of-the-art dermatology and cosmetology centre in Karachi: SKINSATION
Dr. Nazia has been practicing and conducting out-patient clinics at various hospitals including at South City Hospital, Medicare and DHA Clinics during her illustrious 12 years-long career.

Her brainchild Skinsationis a state-of-the-art centre with excellent medical and aesthetic facilities equipped with the latest modern technology for a vast range of skin-related procedures.

Here, Niche Lifestyle speaks with the renowned skin specialist, Dr. Nazia Shakeel.

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Niche Lifestyle:
At what age did you realize that you had an interest in the field of Medicine and what made you decide to make this a full-fledged profession?

Nazia Shakeel:
You can call my a family a Medical Family.Both my parents are doctors.My mother is a gynecologist and my father was a General Physician (GP)  My siblings and I had seen them practicing since our childhood and there was no question of becoming anything else but a doctor. Both my brothers are also in the same field. My elder brother is a pediatrician and my younger brother is a dentist. 

NL:Where did you receive your professional education?

NS: After completing my earlier studies from St.Joseph’s College, I enrolled in the MBBS program at Dow Medical College. I then gained admission at PN Shifa College to specialize and became a Member of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (MCPS).
Later on I went on to acquire various board certifications from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and completed practical hands-on training in Cosmetology and Aesthetics. 

NL:Tell us more about your journey thus far.

NS: I completed my specialization in 2011. I have been practicingever since, conducting out-patient clinics at The South City Hospital, Medicare Hospital, DHA Clinics and Taher Medical Centre. It has been a year since I launched my own Dermatology and Cosmetology Centre, Skinsation. It has been a great journey so far but there is a lot more that I wish to achieve and will continue to work hard to meet those goals.

NL: Tell us more about Skinsation and what one can expect to experience there?

NS: Skinsation is Pakistan’s preeminent medical aesthetic and wellness centre that focuses on a modern and holistic approach to a persons well-being through personalized health care. We have acquired all the latest technology and cater to all kinds of skin-related issues.