Doctors on Twitter criticize Mahira Khan’s “ordinary doctors” dialogue in the telefilm “Aik Hai Nigar”

“It’s such a shame to say this about doctors when they were saving lives during the pandemic” one person tweeted

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Mahira Khan was the center of an important discussion on Twitter  yesterday surrounding the telefilm “Aik Hai Nigar” where one of the dialogue’s called local doctors “ordinary”. When the clip reached social media, neitzens cited it as offensive to doctors especially during a pandemic when doctors were made to work long hours under grueling conditions to save lives.

Some of the twitter users who criticized this dialogue where doctors themselves, and also shared snippets of the long hours and grueling conditions they had to work in to save lives, and criticized Mahira Khan and the writers of the telefilm for making such harsh assumptions about doctors.