Divorces have increased because it is easier for men to approach women today: Nadia Khan




Household name in Pakistani TV, Nadia Khan recently appeared on a podcast with Hafiz Ahmed, where she talked financial independence for women, increasing divorce rates with extra marital affairs in society and the secret to staying young and fit.

As Hafiz shed light on Nadia’s knowledge about e-commerce, Nadia pointed out the importance of  financial independence for women, and her own interest in always staying ahead of her times by staying in touch with financial trends. She also said that financial independence helps women become self-sufficient in times of crisis.

When asked about the increasing divorce rates in today’s time, Nadia shared her opinion on how loyalty has become very rare nowadays, as it has become much easier to have extramarital affairs. “In this era, there is so much exposure with so many girls around, that men have started to find their household wives boring. With there being houses, apartments, dating spots and even dating apps around it has become much easier for men to find ways to satisfy their temptations.” expressed Nadia.

On a lighter note, Nadia Khan also shared the secret behind her lasting beauty and youth saying “Ghussa, nafrat, buraai chor deyn apki shakal kabhi kharab nahin hogi.” ✨