Did we just prove that Fahad Hussayn’s post-apocalyptic look was apt for our attitudes and behaviors?



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Did we just prove that Fahad Hussayn’s post-apocalyptic look was apt for our attitudes and behaviors? The designer who recently became the subject of mass bullying and criticism over the Internet, simply for the clothes he wore at the awards, responded to trolls saying, “I am who I am. I no longer wish to fit into anyone’s box for validation.”

After Fahad Hussayn appeared at the Hum Style Awards, rocking a post apocalyptic look a storm of memes and demeaning jokes broke out on the internet, with people mocking and trolling the designer for what he wore at the awards.

However, Fahad set an example by standing up for himself and his choices, against all the unnecessary bullying and criticism. The designer took to his official Instagram account responding to all the trolls with an apt and heartfelt message!

Fahad wrote: “Eccentric , mad , unhinged , unapologetic I’ve had many words given to my intensity , a lot of times people tell me to ditch the emotions they don’t have so I can fit into their universe , I have my own universe and I love being in it , I work 16-18 hours a day including Sunday’s since the past 16 years with barely a few days off , the passion hours I put into my work learning and executing whatever is in my holographic brain , I don’t need anyone’s opinion on what I do with my time , what I am and what I make is not for everyone , public opinions on how effeminate my hair look or what I choose to wear and even design is available for gossip but not up for a topic for bullying or abuse . I can wear whatever I want , wherever I want , because no one is paying my bills . My universe , my bills , my choice . Suck it up people ! It’s a free world !!”

Behaving like a true artist, Fahad took the situation a step ahead by creating thought-provoking art to really make us ponder over the kind of future we are aiming to lead ourselves into. Is it one that is dominated by intolerance, hatred and lack of acceptance, all of which would be much suited to a post-apocalyptic scenario?

He wrote : “Some days we should really stop and wonder what narrative are we leading our future into , is hatred , lack of acceptance , abuse , nasty bullying , calling out our own , infesting hate based on personal opinion , religion really what our identity is ? What gives everyone entitlement to drag their opinions on the road and create content based on a mere persons choice of clothing ? Regardless of the events , why is everyone so happily inclusive and available for comment like our lives depend on it . It doesn’t”

Three cheers for Fahad for making it past all the negativity, bullying and hatred. And a moment of reconsideration for the behaviors and thoughts we put out into the world and the kind of future they will feed into! Share your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂