Dharna bajao ladies, Fawad Khan finally appeared in this week’s episode of ‘Ms. Marvel’

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Warning: spoilers for Episode 5

Ever since Ms. Marvel aired its trailers across all social media channels, all desi girls were shaking, crying, throwing up with the anticipation of Fawad Khan making an appearance since the actor had confirmed that he was playing an important role in the upcoming series. Now in episode 5, we have found out that Fawad Khan stars as Hasan, Kamala’s great grand father who is a revolutionary activist advocating for the British to leave the subcontinent. He falls in love with Aisha when he finds her sleeping in his rose garden. The two of them have a daughter Sana, who is Kamala’s grandmother, and it is during 1947 when the Partition takes place when tragedy strikes their family. Aisha is still being pursued by the ‘Clandestines’ because she possesses the bangle, and she quickly encourages her family to leave on the last train going to Pakistan to save them from Najama.

But while trying to secure a spot in the last train, Aisha and Hasan get separated as she tries to save her family from Najma. But she gets killed when Najama finds her, and Sana gets lost in the crowd as more people try to escape from the attacks in India.

Pakistani Marvel fans on Twitter were in awe of the gorgeous chemistry between Mehwish Hayat and Fawad Khan, and were falling head over heels over her acting in this episode



Ms. Marvel airs every Wednesday on Disney Plus.