Deepak and Fahad at Hum Fashion 2019

Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq walk the ramp for 'Markhor'
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Deepak and Fahad take a socially responsible stance this fashion season dedicating their collection ‘Markhor’ to the endangered species. They have released teasers of different celebrities supporting the cause and highlighting graphic snippets of all animals on the verge of extinction.

The duo has been known for their eccentric menswear and prints. With the cause they are supporting, the upcoming show has already garnered a lot of attention. To top it all off the designers have Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq walking the ramp to wrap up the show and also promote their upcoming movie ‘Heer Maan Ja’. We are very excited to see what this collection has for us and we are quite positive about the future of socially responsible fashion after this step taken in the right direction.

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