Danyal Zafar: I would love for an opportunity to share screen with Mahira Khan someday

Danyal Zafar sat down to discuss his latest series “Barhwan Khiladi” and his experience of working with Mahira Khan

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Danyal Zafar sat down for an interview with The Independent Urdu where he discussed his latest television series “Barhwan Khiladi” and how he came to work with Mahira Khan, who was also producing the series. Opening up about what was it like working with Mahira, he said that he found her to be a phenomenal person:

“Mahira is very passionate about this project and she is also a very phenomenal person. She and I had long conversations about my character and how we were going to bring it to life on screen. She was even deeply involved with creating the script of the show.”

Would there ever be a chance for him to work with Mahira again? Danyal said that he hopes so that in a few years when he starts looking less like a boy and has more acting experience, he would love to share the screen with Mahira:

“I would love for the opportunity to work with Mahira Khan. Although I think that it might be a bit tricky since she might have to star as my elder sister in a series. But I hope that in a few years, when I look less like a boy, I might have the chance to share a screen with her.”

Danyal Zafar also talked about how he received the role for the series and revealed that he received a call from the second producer of the show, Meena Kashif, whom he found to be a quite lovely person who is equally as hard working as Mahira Khan was.

When it came to how he prepared to take on the role, Danyal revealed that although he had not played cricket before especially with a hard ball which is much more difficult, he spent a lot of his time in training to make sure that he could embody the characteristics and body language of a batsman:

“I had not played cricket before. And the cricket that we were playing in this series was with hardball which is quite difficult. So I received training from one of my cousins who is a cricket fan and for a week and ten days I spent time in the field learning how to play the game. I had to ensure that I could properly embody the stance and body language of a batsman when they’re playing in a field.”

You can watch the complete interview below: