Did Danyal Zafar’s ‘Blue Butterfly’ Impress the Audience?



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Ali Zafar and Danyal Zafar
Source: Daily Times

Danyal Zafar, who happens to be singing sensation Ali Zafar’s younger brother and an aspiring music artist just dropped his second single titled ‘Blue Butterfly’ after his debut single ‘Ek Aur Ek 3′ released earlier this year which gained fairly good reviews and set high expectations for the artist’s future projects.

Danyal Zafar in Blue Butterfly
Source: YouTube

Even though the song revolves around falling in love and the beautiful emotions involved in the process, the overtly sensual visuals from the video took the main focus instead of the song itself which unfortunately landed the artist in hot waters!

Here’s what people had to say about Blue Butterfly:



Danyal addressed the backlash by speaking to a local publication stating, “The video is actually meant for a western audience, as I want to work on a couple of English albums and have a set-up in place in Los Angeles. The entire video is aesthetically shot. It’s just this non-linear expression of art that was explored by the director and I, along with the team.”

Watch Danyal’s music video here:

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