Danish is making waves on the internet!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Whoa! Tables have just turned in drama serial Mere Pass Tum Hu last night! As everyone could make a guess from the promo that Danish (Humayun Saeed) will be gaining some strength and confidence for his son it was a much awaited episode. Humayun Saeed even dropped some major hints of an exciting episode on his instagram yet what happened last night was not even in our wild guesses!

As seen and promised, the episode last night was fantastic, just what the fans were waiting for! Yes! Danish’s slap just simply roared! It was unexpected yet thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.



This remarkable change in Danish’s character just for the love of his son has won hearts and now is the time when the drama will be taking a 360 change, and we think it is going to be full of thrill and excitement.

The drama is currently trending on YouTube and all characters have their respective fan following. Now that Danish’s character has taken a new turn everyone is curious to know what will he bring to the table next.

The child-star Rumi has been equally loved by the audience as it is him that has brought courage to his father, Danish. The relationship that Rumi shares with his father is just heart warming.

Here are some of the funny tweets that we have picked up related to the amazing episode last night.


Watch the episode here.