Dania Shah files divorce from Amir Liaqat Hussain and reveals her struggles with abuse

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Amir Liaqat raised a controversy when he announced in February that he was getting married to an 18 year old influencer Dania Shah after his divorce with his second wife Tuba was announced. Many social media users decried the television personality for grooming and endangering a young girl, and even called upon authorities to investigate the matter.

Now Dania Shah has released a clip on Instagram where she has announced that she is divorcing Amir Liaqat after being married only for four months, she also said that the rest of the news regarding the divorce will be received through the news


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In an interview with Dunya News, Dania shared that she was emotionally and physically abused during the time she was married to Amir Liaqat, and was also locked in rooms and starved. She revealed that the Amir Liaqat we are seeing on television is not the same man at home, where he would consistently pick fights and abuse her to take out the anger of what the media or politicians had said about him. Dania Amir said that Amir Liaqat threatened her that if she tried to leave then he would kill her and her family members, and even tried to send the police at her house.