‘Creepy’: Ushna Shah slams trolls targeting Jemima Khan after #operationgoldsmith trends

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Another day, another woman becoming the lightning rod of a misogynist hate campaign.

Film producer and socialite Jemima Khan took to her Twitter account to share an obscene hashtag trending on Twitter ‘#OperationGoldsmith’ which used anti-semitic claims against jailed former prime minister Imran Khan and urged others to ensure he is not able to contest in the upcoming elections.

Jemima shared a screenshot of the hashtag along with a tweet in which said: “As #operationgoldsmith unfolds, the goal to instill uncertainty through foreign influence faces resistance. The prevailing sentiment is that, God willing, the Jewish lobby’s efforts will falter, reflecting the resilience and unity of the Pakistani people.”


The post got numerous reactions and condemnations from celebrities like actress Ushna Shah, who slammed this obsession Pakistanis have with defaming Jemima every moment they get as ‘creepy’.

“It’s almost as if Pakistan is the ex husband, not Imran Khan. The stalking, harassing, obsession, even years after their divorce. Jemima should get a restraining order against the whole Country. This is creepy.”

Remember folks, whatever issues you have with the country, stop using women as punch bags for the actions of the men in their life. Jemima has been Imran’s ex-wife for God knows how long now, and yet the way she is consistently dragged into the mess every single time is embarrassing.