Couples on Twitter respond to troll shaming Saboor Aly and her husband by posting their wholesome pictures together

You can never censor love and these lovely couples are proving it!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Why are we as a country so against the idea of a couple showing affection to each other in public, but we barely bat an eye at the sight of a woman being abused or harassed in the streets? Twitter was aghast when a few trolls began targeting actress Saboor Aly and her husband for being affectionate with each other during their wedding events. One troll uploaded a picture of Saboor kissing her husband’s cheek and wrote that she was being a “beghairat” for doing such an act publicly

How is loving someone and being respectful of them an act of crime? Why is it acceptable for us to only pass concern when a husband is showing love and care to his wife, but the same attention dies when a wife is being publicly abused or beaten by her husband? This proves how deeply misogynist our society is that for them seeing a woman happy and in love with her husband in a marriage that she chose cannot be tolerated, but we prefer them to be miserable, unhappy and stuck in abusive marriages where they aren’t shown respect or care.

Twitter knew how such a toxic tweet could be made in to something wholesome so in response, users began flooding the thread with wholesome pictures with their significant other, just to prove that you can never silence love or criminalize it because it will always triumph over hate!

It’s incredible depressing to realize that our generation is so dumbstruck by the idea that a woman is happy and in love with her husband so she kisses him publicly this way, because we have become so used to witnessing more women lose themselves after marrying in to loveless homes. But more power to these couples for stepping up to prove that you are not a “beghairat” if you engage in PDA with each other and this is what every healthy relationship should look like!