Coke Studio 14 drops first single featuring Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal

The Queen of Sufi and Punjabi folk icon come together to “ask you to celebrate life.”




Coke Studio 14 takes off with a brilliant start, launching its first single ‘Tu Jhoom’ featuring vocal powerhouses Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal.

The track comes with a special message which says, “As we start on this new journey, we ask you to celebrate life.”

Audiences are loving the track which features two legendary singers of Pakistan of completely different genres, Abida Parveen with her daunting and heavy vocals bringing out the soul of Sufi music, and Naseebo Lal who has performed commercially in Pakistani stage shows, with her edgy and ostentatious style of singing, reflecting all the flamboyance of Punjabi folk culture .

Boasting the magic of a powerful composition and lyrical mastery, the two Queens bring to life the same message- in their own different and unique styles – that of celebrating life despite all its hardship- ‘Tu Jhoom’.

 The message of the track becomes particularly noteworthy, with the selection of the two artists who seem to bear diametrically opposite legacies- one of mysticism and transcendentalism, while the other has a body of work which traditionally catered to mass audiences and commercial appeal.

Likewise, the track also celebrates the best of the music of Sindh and Punjab- by bringing together both the celebrated singers. Abida Parveen who was born and raised in Larkana into a Sindhi Sufi family, and was trained by her father Ustad Ghulam Haider- a famous singer and music teacher, and Naseebo Lal, who primarily sings in Punjabi, Urdu and Marwari languages.


The single has been a big hit so far among audiences so far, who have applauded the artists for their work.