Clothing house turns into a madhouse: Sapphire Faisalabad becomes a battleground




The trend of clothing house turning into madhouses has just about started, as yet another video surfaces of Sapphire Faisalabad becoming a battleground during a sale. As reported by Daily Pakistan “While reserve banks may be empty, shopping malls surely aren’t.”

Videos showing huge crowds and maddening queues lined outside Sapphire early in the morning for its August sale were surfacing when soon the much-awaited end-of-season sale turned ended in mayhem. Scenes of the public engaged in a physical brawl at the local clothing outlet made the rounds on social media in a viral video.

Online videos of the brawl and fight showed several members fighting physically, and scores of frightened customers as a group of shoppers fired shots, setting the whole store into a state of frenzy.

As per reports, the incident erupted over a small disagreement, which was escalated  by the crowd with continuous screaming and shouting, which broke out into a cat fight going on to involve husbands. Soon one of the party fired shots and videos showed frightened customers. Ultimately police arrived at the scene and several people were taken into custody.

“The incident served as an insight into the society which is on the brink of bankruptcy, but have all the money and time to fight — quite literally — over clothes sale.” As an advertisement plastered on the walls outside the outlet read 30-50% off, one cannot help but wonder what this 30% off has come to mean in our lives today!