Christian Betzmann reacts to flak for not amplifying a global cause

The travel vlogger was criticized on social media for refusing to amplify his voice in light of human rights abuses taking place

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Christian Betzmann was criticized by fans on social media today after he posted a long note explaining his reasons for staying out of politics amidst the crisis of human rights abuses taking place in a certain country. The travel vlogger who was engaged to actress Zoya Nazir in February, had justified his perspective in a long note on Instagram, where he said that he refused to share his opinion for a number of reasons:

“Okay fam! Let’s get this straight. A lot of people have been spamming my dms to post about Palestine. What happens down there is cruel and innocent people should never be the collateral damage of war or political events. However calling people bad words because they don’t want to share their opinion is stupid. ”

Christian also further elaborated on the reason why he had not spoken up on Palestine, and said that he did not believe that so

“Social media has a lot of power and it changed my life to the better.

I appreciate everybody who’s fighting for what’s right day by day and never stopped believing in a change.

(In my opinion) government and politics are untouchable.

How come I never see any of you in the streets protesting here in Pakistan? For your own country? How come the streets are still filled with garbage? How come people still live on the bare minimum? If social media really is that powerful , why does your government, your police is not changing for the better?”

Christian then ended the note with a post showing support for Palestine by saying: “Stay strong Palestine. We are with you.”

He then later shared a screenshot of the hateful comments he was receiving in his comments with the caption: “Not posting about Palestine makes me an Israeli supporter now. Coming from the Islamic State of Pakistan – very Islamic Mr.”