Changing surname after marriage is not required in Islam: Mansha Pasha

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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ChangingChanging surname after marriage is not required in Islam says Mansha Pasha who recently got married to Jibran Nasir. A fan asked Mansha in the comments section on one of her Instagram post that, “You didn’t change your name after marriage?” to which the actress replied by saying, “Yes, because it’s not required in Islam.”

Mansha wrote on her Instagram story, “I am in noway implying that i am perfect person or a perfect Muslim. Like everyone else reading this post I am full of flaws and am a sinner too. But when and where I can, I do try to do my best to improve.”

She further added, “My religion encourages women to keep their name as their identity and as such, I decided to not change myl name after marriage. No judgment on those who keep their husbands name. It is a personal choice.”

Mansha is one of the most talented actresses of our country and has marked her name in the entertainment industry with her versatile acting skills. She was in the spot light on social media after getting married to Jibran Nasir and the couple is admired and appreciated for keeping their personal life very private.

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