Celebs and twitter users cant stop talking about the term “razai bhai behen”

What is razai bhai behn? Twitter users investigate!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Ever since yesterday, Pakistanis were unfortunate enough to come across the mind draining episode of “Hum Judah Hoay Kuch Iss Tarhan” which featured the revelation that two siblings had gotten married and now were having a child together.

Along side with cringing on a new story about cousin marriages, Twitter users were also gifted with a new term: razai bhai behen. What this term means is that two children who were nursed by the same mother are recognized as siblings in Islam. But Twitter took the term and had to make some hilarious memes out of it.

Firstly there was celebrities like Ali Gul Pir who raises the bar with every hilarious parody video he makes

Then other people tried to imagine what razai bhai behn could mean by making hilarious memes out of it

there were people like journalist Laleen who tried to decipher herself how to people became razai bhai behn

But it’s for sure nothing occupied much attention for the past few days other than this bonkers term which most of the people didn’t know even existed