Celebrity Comedians Who Are Raising The Bar!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Comedy is a tough job! It’s not easy to make people giggle and laugh. However in Pakistan we’re blessed with comedians who light up our days. In quarantine our main source of entertainment was social media and we’re glad that our comedians took their job seriously and came up with content that made this period bearable. We love them for being so innovative like kaisay kaisay kerletain hain? Khair, we compiled a list of some of our favorite comedians, some do stand up, some to social media and some make entertaining videos, regardless we like them all. Scroll down for our compilation.
Faiza Saleem
This gorgeous woman knows how to make stuff that is relatable and make us all go gaga! Her videos are engaging and literally move us to fits. Lawyer turned comedian, Faiza is popular for being the first woman social media entertainer of Pakistan. Here are some of her favorite videos.
Ali Gulpir
One of the most up to dated comedians we have, he knows how to do comedy. Famous for his song, waderay ka beta, Ali produces content that leaves us laughing for days. Here are some of his favorite videos.
Taimoor Salahuddin
When it comes to talking about content creators in Pakistan, his name pops up on the top, also known as Mooroo, he has a a huge fan following and is widely popular among the Pakistani audience.

Junaid Akram
Junaid is popular for doing stand ups and here you can see that glimpse. He is also popular for his podcasts that encapsulate various issues.

Another one who knows how to produce content that resonates with our people. It funny, hilarious and also has a deep rooted meaning that defies the odds. Here are some of our favorite videos of her.
Arsalan Naseer
Arsalan’s comedy is fun, up to dated and relatable. He has a wide variety of videos and a massive following. His analysis and comedy cover diverse topics. His feature on cricket is widely popular and is known for solid analysis.

We also have many social media comedians who live abroad but produce content that relates to our culture. Scroll down to see them.
Zaid Ali
We all know him, we all love him! Need we say more? We love his videos with his mother and feel that she makes them even more funny. His influence is massive and people love him for the nature he has.
Shahveer Jaffery
With over 1.4 million followers on Instagram we don’t need to brag about him more. He is a social media sensation with many videos at his name.
Sham Idrees
His videos will make you gag for days and more. His ideas are innovative and unique and different from the crowd. Watch his videos to see for yourself.
Who is your favorite one, let us know in the comments section.