Celebrities react to mob assault incident in Faisalabad



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Celebrities have taken to social media to condemn and express concern over the horrific Faisalabad mob assault, where four women were stripped naked and beaten by a group of men who accused them of stealing. What made this heinous act even more mortifying is that onlookers filmed the ordeal instead of stepping up to help the women being tortured.

Yaisr Hussain expressed his outrage over Faisalabad incident, particularly calling out bystanders for not intervening. “They just stood watching”, he wrote while condemning people present at the scene for simply standing by and watching while men assaulted women in public..


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Entrepreneur, activist and talkshow host Kanwal Ahmed, also gave her two-cents on the horrendous recorded incident: video clips of which were being circulated online. She rightfully pointed out “If men in this country have the audacity to assault, beat and strip naked women in public places ALL WHILE filming it – imagine what they do to women around them behind closed doors. My heart is truly sinking.#Faisalabad.”

Taking to her Instagram account, actor Ayesha Omer also expressed shock and disgust over the incident, and the failure of the state to control the occurrence of gender-based violence in the country.

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