Celebrities demand justice for Sunita Masih



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Pakistani celebrities always make it a point to stand for justice in their efforts to address the problems that unfortunately prevail in our society. Recently they took to the internet to demand justice for Sunita Masih a Christian girl-who was gang raped in Faislabad. When asked to convert, Sunita refused in response to which her hair was shaved off.
Ayesha Omar took to Instagram to voice her opinions.

Adnan Siddique tweeted “Feeling sick to the stomach. With each new case, humanity plunges deeper and deeper into a dreary, dark pit. Why are we turning into morally depraved monsters? Abhorrent! #JusticeForSunitaMaseeh

Armeena Khan also emphasized on raising voice for the minorities.

Faysal Qureshi demands highest form of punishment for such criminals.

Nadia Jamil also took to Twitter to address the issue. She asked PM Imran Khan to address the issue and tend to her physical and mental wounds. She said “see to the case of 14 yr old #sunitamasih who ws abducted & raped in Faislabad. She needs care 4 her physical wounds & mental health. She needs her face PROTECTED. She is too young 2be exposed publicly by media. Perpetrators should be arrested IMMEDIATELY & punished ASAP.”